Calgary launches YES 2026 group in favour of Olympic and Paralympic bid

The 2026 Olympic Winter Games are an opportunity for Calgary.

With a cohesive vision and defined terms, a successful Olympic bid has the potential to enable significant benefit to our city and province, leading up to and well beyond hosting the Olympics.

Calgarians know that we are a dominant force in winter sports. As a direct result of hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary and the Bow Valley attract the world’s best athletes for training and 15 World Cup events each year.

Our bid will enable Calgary to redefine itself to the world as a centre of sporting excellence, place to do business and tourism destination.

To be clear, we will not compromise our ethics to win this bid. Every stakeholder in the bid process must uphold the highest ethical standards.

Yes Calgary 2026 strongly holds that any Olympic bid must be economically sustainable. We can create an economic model that will change the Olympic movement. This will start with reusing facilities from 1988’s successful Winter Olympic Games. Any new infrastructure must serve the needs of Calgarians first and the Olympics second.

Yes Calgary 2026 is comprised of Calgarians with a passion for bringing the Olympic Games to Calgary. We aren’t special interests. We weren’t appointed by City Council or any other government. We are volunteers who care passionately for sports, economic diversity and the city and province we call home.

These are some ideas of what the 2026 Olympics in Calgary could be, and the legacy we’ll enjoy for years after, but want to hear from you. What is your vision for hosting the 2026 Olympics in Calgary?

Let us know your thoughts. Together, let’s define Our Games. Our Goals. Our Values. Our Terms. Our Time.

If you want to be a part of creating the vision of what a Calgary bid should entail, please join us.

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