10 Reasons to Back the Bid in Canmore


#1 Affordable Housing: As a hosting venue Canmore will build an Athletes’ Village that will turn into permanently affordable housing following the Games creating much needed options for people to live, work and raise their families in Canmore.

#2 Transportation: Getting to and around Canmore will be optimized through intercept parking right off the highway and increased public transit, bike lanes and pedestrian friendly pathways through town.

#3 Accessibility: The Paralympics will bring hundreds of para-athletes to Canmore.  Imagine Canmore being the world’s leading accessible mountain community for people with disabilities!

#4 Arts & Culture: A Celebration Plaza will be created downtown for medal ceremonies and cultural festivities during the Games that will provide an area to showcase our vibrant arts community for years to come.

#5 Canmore Nordic Centre Upgrades: As a hosting venue the Nordic Centre will receive investment funding for current infrastructure that will facilitate the legacy hosting world class sporting events well beyond 2026 as well as year-round recreation opportunities in our back yard.

#6 Clean & Transparent Olympics: The IOC has new management and undertaken a new vision. Canada and Calgary/Canmore can provide the Olympics transparent stage for no corruption and clean sport.

#7 Resort Municipality Status: As a 2010 Olympic and Paralympic venue host Whistler was granted a special status that allows the Town to net new revenue to meet expenses associated with municipal services and infrastructure provided to our many visitors, effectively lowering the local tax burden. Canmore would like to achieve this as a result of our 2026 partner capacity.

#8 Recreation Facilities: The opportunity to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games would bring federal and provincial investment in new and upgraded recreation, sport and healthy living opportunities for current and future generations including money toward a field house.

#9 Volunteerism and Community Spirit: Volunteerism was a standout hosting legacy of the 1988 Games in Calgary that is still recognized around the world. The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games present an opportunity for renewal of engagement and pride for all residents of Canmore.

#10 Environmental Stewardship: Canmore has the unique ability to show the world that our thriving mountain community can respect the highest level of environmental stewardship while hosting the Olympics.

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